When discussing sustainability, one area is sometimes disregarded. It is larger than transportation. It transcends energy. It is – FOOD!

Society is confronted with a massive challenge. How to feed 10 billion people by 2050 while maintaining the health of both people and the planet. We have to remember that food is a part of our history and culture. Economic theory applies to food. Food is a political issue as well. Last but not least, the environment is defined by food!

It is up to individual persons, individual countries and the world as a whole to create a more sustainable food system. These unprecedented difficulties also present enormous opportunities. There is an urgent need to truly establish an unbreakable food system.

This year, AgriFood Forum 2021 will introduce innovative new activities, solutions, and strategies to accomplish the Green Deal goals, all of which are based on healthier, more sustainable, and more equitable food systems. The Forum will educate the community about the importance of collaborating to improve how to produce, consume, and think about food.


  • Significantly increased public dialogue regarding the critical role of food systems in achieving a sustainable food value chain and the measures necessary to achieve it.
  • Identified actions needed, with quantifiable outcomes, which are required to fulfill the 2030 Agenda targets. This will include highlighting existing solutions and honoring leaders in the transformation of food systems as well as calling for new actions at the national and EU levels by a range of stakeholders.
  • A system of monitoring and review that will motivate new activities and results, facilitate the sharing of experiences, lessons, and information, and incorporate new impact measurements.

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Program ir Speakers

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